At age 4, you told mom,
‘I’ll miss you when I’m sleeping’.
At 5, ‘When I’m too big for you to hold me,
I’ll hold you instead’.
At 6: ‘Fog is just clouds that have fell
down’. What is clouding that beautiful
mind today! Think of mom, me and
chocolate, where’ll we be without you.
Perish this search for ‘how to commit
suicide painlessly’.

‘Mommy, I’m not joking and
I’m not kidding, and I’m not playing.
I need chocolate’, were your words at
age 3. I need chocolate too. But without
you, there wont be any chocolate. Or me.

You’re too compassionate to do that to
a person. At just 5 you enquired ‘Mommy,
hotdogs don’t come from a dog, do they?’.
All that compassion, fun and laughter dies
when you enquire...
‘how to commit suicide painlessly’.

‘My mouth doesn’t want to be quiet’,
you declared at 4. Imagine the deafening
silence when we see you searching
‘how to commit suicide painlessly’.
Dial one of the numbers below. Because
‘In my heart I’m still little’, are your own
famous words at age 9.